In my inaugural post I noted that 5 sites contained the phrase “a drop in the digital ocean” according to Google. Six months later, the site count is now up to 7: my original blog at blogger, which has now been moved here.
State of the MP3 Address Part 2: posted 31 March 2004 @ 11:22pm
SEO Specialists Give You Access to Targeted Consumers, unknown post date, but copyright 2006.
Sypha Nadon: posted sometime in October 2005, perhaps (based on reviewer comments). The page returned by Google results in a 404 error, but some sleuthing turned up this page.
release: date unknown, possibly sometime in 2007.
Questions About PennDOT Biometrics Contract Persist: dated 24 January 2008.
MoGo bluetooth: dated 21 April 2008.
Unfortunately, I didn’t keep the data on the initial 5 hits, but it seems that items 2 through 6 might be them, since they all predate my first post. Item 7 comes later.

It might be interesting to write software that tracks the date and location of a given phrase over time.