2023 Reading List

1The CyberiadStanislaw Lem
2Circus WorldBarry B. Longyear
3A Wizard of EarthseaUrsula K. Le Guin
4The Tombs of AtuanUrsula K. Le Guin
5The Farthest ShoreUrsula K. Le Guin
6Power FailureMimi Swartz & Sherron Watkins
7A Boisterously Reformed Polemic Against Limited AtonementAustin Brown
8The Smartest Guys in the RoomBethany McLean & Peter Elkins
9TehanuUrsula K. Le Guin
10Tales From EarthseaUrsula K. Le Guin
11The Theology of the Reformed ConfessionsKarl Barth
12The Best of Cordwainer SmithCordwainer Smith
13The Other WindUrsula K. Le Guin
14The Daughter of OdrenUrsula K. Le Guin
15Planet of the DamnedHarry Harrison
16Vital GraceTom Wood
17OriginalsAdam Grant
18The Diary of a Young GirlAnne Frank
19The Great DivorceC. S. Lewis
20Collective IllusionsTodd Rose
21Apologetics Beyond ReasonJames W. Sire
22The Wiersbe Bible Study Series: JohnWarren W. Wiersbe
23The Day the Revolution BeganN. T. Wright
24Love Ain't Nothing But Sex MisspelledHarlan Ellison
25Being God's ImageCarmen Joy Ames
26Seven Things I Wish Christians Knew About the BibleMichael F. Bird

Then... Now

The picture on the left was taken on August 15, 1980. The picture on the right was taken this evening. I'm wearing the same suit, minus the vest. The vest no longer fits and the jacket is a bit tighter than on my wedding day. Having lost 60 pounds this year (thanks to Mounjaro), I wanted to see whether or not I could get into clothes I hadn't worn in over 40 years. Now I want to recreate our wedding photo, although Becky isn't sure where her dress is.