Snow Bugs... Closure

Previously, I noted a problem compiling SBCL 1.0.31 under Snow Leopard. I finally took the time to look at backtrace.c and discovered that the code uses inline assembly. So it wasn't a tools issue at all. However, when I fixed the opcode the build broke in another place -- Apple changed the interface to the machine context. I'll leave fixing that for the professionals.

Snow Bugs...

This morning I came across my first major problem with Snow Leopard, more specifically with the toolset supplied with XCode 3.2.

Over on
Planet Lisp, Christophe Rhodes announced the release of SBCL 1.0.31. I downloaded the source and tried to compile it. The build failed with the the assembler error : "suffix or operands invalid for `mov'" when trying to compile the file backtrace.c. I then tried to build the 1.0.30 source and it stoped at the same place with the same error. I booted off of my backup disk and built both releases using the XCode 3.1.3 toolset.

I then built 1.0.31 with the 3.1.3 toolset, copied the result to my Snow Leopard disk, rebooted, and tried to run the build tests. They, too, failed:

    Invalid exit status:
    test failed, expected 104 return code, got 1

Later, I'll do an entire build under Leopard and copy the result to Snow Leopard.

I filed a bug report under Radar, Apple's bug tracking system.


Snow Leopard

Purchased Snow Leopard and iLife '09 tonight. Made two full backups of my 17" MacBook Pro to external drives. Earlier in the day I updated to the latest version of SuperDuper!.

I manually removed
Dave, from Thursby Software. I've used Dave for years -- since Mac OS 9. I wonder how much I'll miss it? Being paranoid, I also removed Cisco's VPN software.

Installation of Snow Leopard took about 45 minutes.

I gained about 10GB of disk space. Explored whether or not to use the built-in Cisco VPN support. Decided that I prefer the flexibility of using
Shimo. Reinstalled the Cisco VPN software.

Mail rebuilt its indexes on first startup but everything is working.
Had to re-enter my Airport password once on a subsequent restart. Don't know why.
System preferences didn't display its window the first few times I tried it from the Apple menu. I got into it via the AirPort icon in the menu bar; it's worked ever since.
Lost my registration for
Lux Delux.
RapidWeaver 4.2.3 doesn't work; the
beta does.

Parallels 4 looks to be working, but "prl_vm_app" is consuming almost 100% of the CPU. This doesn't seem to be a new problem, however.

Aquamacs, slime, and sbcl 1.0.30 as well as LispWorks 5.1.1 Personal passed a quick test.

While checking out Lisp, "prl_vm_app" stopped using so much CPU and is now behaving reasonably.

More adventures in the morning...