2021 Reading List

1The Warlock In Spite Of HimselfChristopher Stasheff
2Zen and the Art of Motorcycle MaintenanceRobert M. Pirsig
3The Genius in Your WoundAllan Dayhoff
4The Best of R. A. LaffertyR. A. Lafferty
5Revelations of a Spirit MediumA Medium
6LoserthinkScott Adams
7World Without StarsPoul Anderson
8Breakfast With SocratesRobert Rowland Smith
9Science and the GoodJames Hunter and Paul Nedelisky
10Hinds Feet On High PlacesHannah Hurnard
11The Sirens of TitanKurt Vonnegut
12Through Two Doors At OnceAnil Ananthaswamy
13Okla HannaliR. A. Lafferty
14The AccidentsCaleb Hannan
15The Great DivorceC. S. Lewis
16Puritanism and Natural TheologyWallace W. Marshall
17The Space TrilogyC. S. Lewis
18Stories of Your Life and OthersTed Chiang
19Seven and a Half Lessons About the BrainLisa Feldman Barrett
20The Reefs of EarthR. A. Lafferty
21Podkayne of MarksRobert A. Heinlein
22The Restless ClockJessica Riskin
23R.U.R.Karel ńĆapek
24The Cuckoo's EggClifford Stoll
25High Crimes (Audiobook)Michael Kodas
26Murder on the Orient ExpressAgatha Christie
27Brightness Falls from the AirJames Tiptree, Jr.
28The Extent of the AtonementDavid L. Allen
29Simply TrinityIsaac Asimov
30FoundationIsaac Asimov
31Foundation and EmpireIsaac Asimov
32Second FoundationIsaac Asimov
33What Is A Girl WorthRachael Denhollander
34Foundation's EdgeIsaac Asimov
35Foundation and EarthIsaac Asimov
36Postmodernism For BeginnersJim Powell
37What Do We Really Know?Simon Blackburn
38Gödel's ProofErnest Nagel & James R. Newman
39When Did Eve Sin? Jeffrey J. Niehaus
40DominionTom Holland
41ExhalationTed Chiang
42Rendezvous with RamaArthur C. Clarke