In early January (1/8/2008, to be exact) I started working on a poem. The general theme was that the internet will outlive me and that what I write today will remain archived, but forgotten, somewhere in some cache. One of the lines goes "A forgotten drop below, the digital ocean above."

The poem remains unfinished but I used this idea as the title for this blog. A Google search for "a drop in the digital ocean" turns up exactly five matches. I hope
Bay Street SEO doesn't mind that we came up with this description of the vastness of information space independently. We certainly have different approaches to the problem. Bay Street specializes in search engine optimization while the poem ends on the hopeful note: "Yet God remembers me. I am ever before Him."

I'll incorporate the poem in the layout of this blog if I can get it to scan the way I want it to.

I also hope that I have more success with writing this blog than I do with poetry.
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