What I Should Have Done

My daughter has a weekly art class. It fell to me to pick her up last night and, at 8:55pm, I was approaching the intersection of Hamilton Mill Road and Buford Highway. A Gwinnett County police car, heading southwest, was stopped for his red light. As I was just about to enter the intersection the cop started rolling into my path. I had the green light and his blue lights were not on. I laid on the horn, slammed on the brakes, burned rubber, and left skid marks -- but I avoided hitting him. I think my car stalled. As I cranked it back up, I saw that the policeman had stuck his left arm out his window and had raised it, perhaps as a gesture of “sorry” or, perhaps, “go on.” I didn’t want to leave my daughter waiting so, with racing heart and gnashing teeth, I continued on to her art studio.
It’s obvious the policeman knew he was in the wrong as no blue lights followed me.

What I should have done was gotten the cop to pull into the parking lot of the new city hall and demanded to see his license and registration. Maybe bluff my way through having him take a field sobriety test. Maybe even calling 911 to ensure he was given a ticket for reckless endangerment.

If the skid marks are still clearly visible tomorrow then maybe I’ll memorialize this incident with a picture or two.
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