Mayors of Judsonia, Arkansas

I had occasion to need to know who succeeded my grandfather as mayor of Judsonia, Arkansas. I was able to eventually find the answer, but I was unable to locate a list of past mayors. Amber at City Hall went above and beyond to compile a list of past mayors from available records. Thank you, Amber!

This list needs to be preserved.

April 19151916ST Hughes
April 19161917James Huntley
April 1917March 1919JC Gibson
19191921RC Mann
May 1921April 1922John White
April 19221923Paul Bauer
April 1923March 1924J NO White
April 1924March 1925Walter Ladd
April 1925February 1926GM Walters
March 19261951Wylie Robert Felts, MD1
November 19511956Ralph L Van Meter
1956May 1957Chester Bramlett
May 19571957Billy Wood Acting Mayor
19581958Walter Smith
19591978Jimmy Miller
19791982Bill Stutts
19831986Johney Gibson
1986July 31, 1993Jim Harris
August 1993September 1994 DoD 11-30-1994Chester Williams
September 1994March 1995LaJunta Whitener Acting as Mayor
April 1995Resigned May 16, 1996Lawrence Mcintire
June 1996LaJunta Whitener Acting Mayor
June 19961998Charles Bice
1998November 2013 DoD 11-18-2013Rickey Veach
December 20132018Ronnie Schlem
2019CurrentStan Robinson

[1] My paternal grandfather. To date, he had the longest tenure of any mayor.
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