Eric Schmidt

I recently posted the graduation program from my high school. Yorktown has graduated some notable alumni. My wife knew of Katie Couric; Eric Schmidt was one year ahead of me (even though he's a month younger than me). We knew each other from the computer lab. I saved some of the programs that we wrote in the early 70's1, including three of his. I figured I'd keep them in case I ever needed a job. I could threaten to release them as blackmail unless he hired me. Fortunately, things never came to that and now that I'm retired, I've decided to make them available for nostalgia's sake.




[1] I really wish I still had FRESEQ, which I wrote in FORTRAN, that resequenced FORTRAN line and statement numbers like the built-in resequence command did for BASIC programs. Sometime around then I also wrote an INTEL 4004/4040/8008/8080 macro assembler in FORTRAN, but I don't have that, either.
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