Dad & Koala, Me & Monkey

Dad with a koala in Sydney, Australia; May 1985. Taken with Kodachrome 64; AE-1 Canon; automatic exposure.

Click for larger picture.

Note that the koala is clutching a stuffed animal. That keeps their claws in the doll and not in you.

Me with a monkey. I don't remember this picture being taken, I have no idea where it was taken, and I have no clue as to the monkey's name. A business card was attached. Jasmine Technologies, Inc. was in business from 1986 to 1990. They made an external SCSI drive for Macintosh Computers. I was most likely working for Quadram/National Semiconductor (12/86 to 6/90). While they primarily made accessories for IBM-PC computers, they also had a NuBus color graphics card for the Mac. I could also have been early in my time with DayStar Digital (6/90 to 4/96).

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