Bring back the stocks

My oldest son attended Lagrange College for two years before transferring to the Art Institute of Atlanta. The drive to Lagrange gave me ample opportunity to experience vehicular idiocy. My pet peeve: slow traffic driving in the left lanes and being completely oblivious to having car after car pass them on the right. Stupid people should not be allowed behind a wheel and I often day dreamed of having a web site where bad drivers could be subject to public humiliation. Not that it would make a difference; most people are clueless about their cluelessness.

But today I’m going to take a small step in that direction. The domains “” and “” are already registered, so I’ll just post this here.

The exit from I-85 N at the Mall of Georgia merges onto I-20. Traffic on I-20 heading toward the Mall was bumper to bumper. The car behind me graciously let me merge, but the car in front of me was another story. A SUV was trying to merge in and was slowly creeping leftward but the aforementioned car wasn’t about to let it in. A game of chicken ensued, which the SUV won. But the driver of the car in front of me wasn’t at all happy about it. She gestured with the middle finger several times. While I saw it, I’m not sure the driver she was mad at did. She sported a Brenau University sticker on her rear window; her license plate was AGE-xxxx GA. She also had a “Save the Manatees” bumper sticker. She obviously cares more about aquatic mammals than her own species.

[Note: I edited this post at 21:00pm. I decided the remove the digits of the license plate.]
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