2020 Reading List

1The Parables of GraceRobert Farrar Capon
2The Puppet MastersRobert A. Heinlein
3Christianity and LiberalismJ. Gresham Machen
4The Witches of KarresJames H. Schmitz
5The Twelfth VictimLinda M. Battisti & John Stevens Berry, Sr.
6Street Level RomansMichael Baer
7Creation Myths: Revised EditionMarie-Louise Von Franz
8Breakfast At Tiffany'sTruman Capote
9The Teaching of Jesus concerning the Kingdom of God and the Church Geerhardus Vos
10The Dispossessed Ursula K. Le Guin
11The God Delusion Debate (Transcript) Richard Dawkins & John Lennox
12The Computer and the BrainJohn Von Neumann
13Divine MisfortuneA. Lee. Martinez
14The UnknowableGregory J. Chaitin
15Warren-Flew Debate On The Existence of GodThomas B. Warren & Antony G. Flew
16Agile ConversationsSquirrel & Fredrick
17The Divine DanceRichard Rohr & Mike Morrell
18The Letter to the RomansWilliam Barclay
19Natural TheologyJean Rioux
20Jesus and the Forces of DeathMatthew Thiessen
21Paul: A New Covenant JewPitre, Barber, Kincaid
22The Prodigal GodTimothy Keller
23The Emperor's New MindRoger Penrose
24Worlds of Exile and IllusionUrsula K. Le Guin
25Recovering from Biblical Manhood and WomanhoodAimee Byrd
26The Parasitic MindGad Saad
27Uniform DecisionsJohn Caprarelli
28But What If We're WrongChuck Klosterman
29The R. A. Lafferty Fantastic MegaPackR. A. Lafferty
30The Golden ApplesEudora Welty
31StardanceSpider & Jeanne Robinson

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