2016 Reading List

1Gentleman Jole and the Red QueenLois McMaster Bujold
2Coffee, Tea, or Me?Donald Bain
3A Wild Sheep ChaseHaruki Murakami
4On the Existence of GodsSaltarelli & Day
5DuneFrank Herbert
6DisruptedDan Lyons
7The History of the ChurchEusebius of Caesarea
8Logicomix: An Epic Search For TruthDoxiadis & Papadimitriou
9Dialogs Concerning Natural ReligionDavid Hume
10The Princess DiaristCarrie Fisher
11MASHRichard Hooker

Just a horrible year for books. I started too many books that I just couldn't finish, mostly because they were badly written. The worst of the bunch was "Jesus Outside the Lines". An utter waste of time and money.
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