Another Trip to the ER

Last night my wife and I met with another couple to attend a cooking demonstration at Bahama Breeze. I was drinking iced tea at the bar while waiting for the event to begin. The hostess came and told us our table was ready and when I got up I must have hit the glass with some part of my left arm. I saw the glass start to topple and I tried to grab it with my right hand. I was too late -- the glass hit the bar, shattered, and drove a shard into my palm near my thumb. My friend (Bruce) had a first aid kit in his car and bandaged me up. I had already paid for dinner, so I wasn't about to miss it.

Afterwards, while driving home, I thought, "if the doc-in-the-box is open, I'll stop and have them look at my hand." They were, with 25 minutes to spare. The doctor told me I needed stitches but that she wanted me to have it done at the ER since my hand needed to be x-rayed for embedded glass. How medicine has changed. Forty years ago my dad would just have poked around in the wound with a sterile probe to see if anything was in it. A pressure bandage was applied and I drove to the ER.

Arrived at 9:10, got home at 1:30am. I'm not complaining though; after going through triage I sat next to a woman who had been there for four hours without seeing anyone. Fortunately, a room was found for her just before I went in to get sewn up.

I would like to thank Bahama Breeze. They offered to pay my medical costs since the accident happened in their restaurant. I wouldn't let them, however.
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