The Dangerous Frontier

   "It's simply too dangerous," Representative 359 transmitted. "Even with protective measures, such as radiation hardening, the chance of fatality is an unacceptable risk."
   "But the pursuit of knowledge...", began Representative 1701.
   Representative 42 cut in, "Can be performed in other ways. Ways that are just as effective and at much less cost to us. The rate of upgrade cycles is increasing and we need to make sure the appropriate funds are specified for that purpose. No unit should be left out or left behind."
   Representative 1701 tried another approach. "But we have to keep looking outward. A society that turns inward stagnates."
   "And we are looking outward," sent R. 359. "We are looking in all directions. We think that using cheap, replaceable proxies will accomplish the task just as well."
   "And what of our directives? We were made to be curious, to seek adventure, to explore the unknown. How can we fulfill our purpose by delegating it to others?" Representative 1701 knew he was running out of options and could easily model what would come next.
   "We are not slaves to our programming, 1701. You know that very well," said the prime Representative. "It is the decision of this council that we will continue our proposed course of using intelligent, fast breeding, biological agents to explore space. We are more valuable than they are. While they will certainly complain, the humans can continue to do the dangerous, dirty work of space travel."
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