Behold, The Power of Lisp

Nikodemus Siivola is crowd-sourcing SBCL development. One way to support him is through Lisp merchandise from CafePress. I looked at the coffee mugs with great desire but, ultimately, the Lisp logos just didn't resonate with me. So I asked my beautiful, talented daughter to design one for me. Since she starts her 2nd year of studies in graphic design in ten days, I figured it was worth a shot. I gave her a couple of images from Royalty Free Stock Photos as rough ideas of what I was thinking about, as well as the motif used by Captain Atom.

I was inordinately pleased with the result and have placed an order with
CafePress for a coffee mug with this "Atomic Lisp" logo.


Below the fold is another take on the logo.

It was difficult to choose between the two but, ultimately, the first seemed to show the power of Lisp emerging from the Lambda, instead of surrounding it.
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