A Perfect Moment

[updated 5/6/2023]

Rachel had a bowling outing Friday night from 9-11. Becky and I waited in Starbucks. She knitted, I worked on my laptop. I had a large iced coffee with a double shot of espresso. Wired. Three hours sleep that night. Saturday a blur. Mowed the lawn. Cooked dinner. Prepared for Sunday School, which consisted of reviewing the DVD lesson for the previous week: episode two of volume nine of the “That the World May Know” DVD titled “Not by Bread Alone.” Then watched and took notes for discussion for Sunday’s lesson, “Their Blood Cried Out.”

Put on the headphones to listen to
Second Chapter of Acts, a Christian group from the ‘70s and early ‘80s. Simple melodies with tight harmonies. “Bread of Life” from the Rejoice album started playing and I experienced an ecstasy like never before. Rapturous joy combined with physical tingling from head to toe.1

Just utterly amazing.

[1] Only much later did I learn that the French have a word for this:
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