Off To College

On Friday the 13th, we loaded up our two cars to take our daughter to college. Left around noon, arrived in Jackson, Mississippi a little after six their time. My wife had the GPS, I had my iPhone. When I got to Mississippi, the map application no longer worked because it couldn’t connect to the internet. In Jackson, everything used AT&T’s Edge network. I had to hard power-off the phone to get it to connect via 3G.

Move in began 9am Saturday and we had everything unloaded and mostly in place by noon. Extremely hot and muggy day; sweat was dripping off of bird’s beaks. Went shopping after lunch to get a small table for the printer, a USB cable, a longer RF cable for the TV, and an ethernet cable. Cable prices, at least at Best Buy, are ridiculous. With some extra planning I could have made the RF and ethernet cables for next to nothing.

Sunday morning all three of us went to the grocery store to stock up daughter’s refrigerator; then mom and daughter went shopping for clothes. We had lunch with her then she left for a school outing and we began the drive home. And that’s how we spent our 30th anniversary - on the road back to a mostly empty nest.

Rachel’s room is a typical dorm room. It isn’t that different from mine 30 years ago. She has a refrigerator which I didn’t have. Everyone was bringing them in. We had my roommates stereo system while her iPod is docked to her alarm clock. We both had small televisions, but she has cable. She has an iPhone, we had a pay phone (was it pay?) on the wall at the end of the hall. The biggest difference is her computer. She has a laptop which can outperform the Control Data 6400 that I used at UVa and a color inkjet printer/scanner instead of an ASR-33 teletype. She also has a wireless Wacom tablet.


Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to meet Rachel’s roommate. She arrived after we left.
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