On The Difference Between Hardware and Software

All software is hardware.
Not all hardware is software.
As of this posting, the phrase "all software is hardware" appears only here in Google:

Court Ruling Opens The Door To Rejecting Many Software Patents ...

Aug 17, 2011 –
All hardware is software and all software is hardware. An electronic computer is different from an analog computer(e.g. slide ruler) but they both ...

The statement came from comment #19, submitted by Anonymous Coward on Aug 17, 2011 @ 4:36 pm.

I wrote my version of this aphorism in a
discussion with John C. Wright and I wanted to make sure it was recorded here. The context is a debate that partially deals with the question whether or not thought is immaterial. Wright is taking the position that it is, while I hold otherwise. Software is "embedded thought", i.e. matter in motion in certain patterns. Not all matter is thought, but all human thought is matter.

It's also interesting that the one reference to "all software is hardware" is in an article discussing software patents and my previous post was about a software patent I co-authored.
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