CDC 6000 Pascal Rev 3.4 Update 10

[updated 3/16/2022]

this post, I mentioned that for over 30 years I had kept a listing of the Pascal compiler for the CDC 6000 family of computers. I noted being a packrat in the internet age has its downsides: someone somewhere will already have a website devoted to the item in question. True to form, a listing of the compiler as a PDF file is available. (That site is now defunct).

The owner of that site expressed interest in my listing and offered to scan it in for me. It turns out that I have access to a copier that will scan directly to PDF and, as a bonus, can handle line printer paper. Herewith is the CDC 6000 Pascal 3.4 Update 10 compiler, compiler cross reference, and run-time library code. All three were scanned at 400x400 resolution.

  1. CDC 6000 Pascal 3.4 Update 10 Compiler source [PDF, 267 MB]
  2. CDC 6000 Pascal 3.4 Update 10 Compiler Cross Reference [PDF, 82.3 MB]
  3. CDC 6000 Pascal 3.4 Update 10 Runtime Library [PDF, 215 MB]

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