CDC 6000 Pascal Rev 3.4 Update 10

In this post, I mentioned that for over 30 years I had kept a listing of the Pascal compiler for the CDC 6000 family of computers. I noted being a packrat in the internet age has its downsides: someone somewhere will already have a website devoted to the item in question. True to form, a listing of the compiler as a PDF file is available.

The owner of that site expressed interest in my listing and offered to scan it in for me. It turns out that I have access to a copier that will scan directly to PDF and, as a bonus, can handle line printer paper. Herewith is the CDC 6000 Pascal 3.4 Update 10 compiler, compiler cross reference, and run-time library code. All three were scanned at 400x400 resolution.

  1. CDC 6000 Pascal 3.4 Update 10 Compiler source [PDF, 267 MB]
  2. CDC 6000 Pascal 3.4 Update 10 Compiler Cross Reference [PDF, 82.3 MB]
  3. CDC 6000 Pascal 3.4 Update 10 Runtime Library [PDF, 215 MB]

Note: these files have been removed to save disk space. If you are interested in a copy, send e-mail to wrf3 at this domain. Please put “Pascal” in the title.
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