2014 Reading List

1The Magazine of Fantasy and Science FictionMar-Apr 2014
2That Hideous StrengthC. S. Lewis
3ThemJon Ronson
4Tower of GlassRobert Silverberg
5Awake in the Night LandsJohn C. Wright
6FrankensteinMary W. Shelley
7Surely You're Joking, Mr. FeynmanRichard P. Feynman
8A History of HeresyDavid Christie-Murray
9The Decline and Fall of IBMRobert X. Cringely
10Mountain Spirits: A Chronicle ...Joseph Earl Dabney
11Luckiest Man: The Life and Death of Lou GehrigJonathan Eig
12Art Theory: A Very Short IntroductionCynthia Freeland
13Almost PerfectW. E. Pete Peterson
14One Bright Star to Guide ThemJohn C. Wright
15FridayRobert Heinlein
16The Falling WomanPat Murphy
17FlatlandEdwin A. Abbott
18The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan HoagRobert Heinlein
19Farnham's FreeholdRobert Heinlein

Slightly better than 2013, but still nowhere near where I should be.
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