Snow Bugs...

This morning I came across my first major problem with Snow Leopard, more specifically with the toolset supplied with XCode 3.2.

Over on
Planet Lisp, Christophe Rhodes announced the release of SBCL 1.0.31. I downloaded the source and tried to compile it. The build failed with the the assembler error : "suffix or operands invalid for `mov'" when trying to compile the file backtrace.c. I then tried to build the 1.0.30 source and it stoped at the same place with the same error. I booted off of my backup disk and built both releases using the XCode 3.1.3 toolset.

I then built 1.0.31 with the 3.1.3 toolset, copied the result to my Snow Leopard disk, rebooted, and tried to run the build tests. They, too, failed:

    Invalid exit status:
    test failed, expected 104 return code, got 1

Later, I'll do an entire build under Leopard and copy the result to Snow Leopard.

I filed a bug report under Radar, Apple's bug tracking system.

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