Management wants soft requirements and hard dates.
Engineering wants hard requirements and soft dates.
  — wrf3
It took me far too long to realize this.

2016 Reading List

1Gentleman Jole and the Red QueenLois McMaster Bujold
2Coffee, Tea, or Me?Donald Bain
3A Wild Sheep ChaseHaruki Murakami
4On the Existence of GodsSaltarelli & Day
5DuneFrank Herbert
6DisruptedDan Lyons
7The History of the ChurchEusebius of Caesarea
8Logicomix: An Epic Search For TruthDoxiadis & Papadimitriou
9Dialogs Concerning Natural ReligionDavid Hume
10The Princess DiaristCarrie Fisher
11MASHRichard Hooker

Just a horrible year for books. I started too many books that I just couldn't finish, mostly because they were badly written. The worst of the bunch was "Jesus Outside the Lines". An utter waste of time and money.

The Fountain of Youth

Through a most incredible set of circumstances,
likely never to be repeated,
I found the Fountain of Youth.

I’ve always thought that my 61 year old mind,
with my 25 year old body,
would be an unbeatable combination.

But the fountain was actually less of a spring,
and more of a drop.
There was only enough of the life changing
water for one.

And I couldn't leave you behind.

So I picked up my cane and came home.

Six Word Story

"Save me!"
"My way."

"Stirring the emerald green"

In surprise, but as slowly as in regret, she stopped stirring the emerald green. She got up from where she had been squatting in the middle of the floor and stepped over the dishes which were set up on the matting rug. She went quietly to her south window, where she lifted a curtain, spotting it with her wet fingers.

For some reason, I was entranced by the phrase "stirring the emerald green." It's a beautiful combination of words. But what could it possibly mean? There was nothing in the text up to that point that hinted at what she might have been doing.

She banged her hands on her hipbones, enough to hurt, flung around, and went back to her own business. On one bare foot with the other crossed over it, she stood gazing down at the pots and dishes in which she had enough color stirred up to make a sunburst design. She was shut up in here to tie-and-die a scarf.   [pg. 34, 36]

Now it all makes sense!

I found this book at
Riverby Books in Fredericksburg, VA and bought it on a whim because Welty lived near Belhaven University, where my daughter went to school. Welty's style is reminiscent of Ray Bradbury and Bradbury notes her influence on his writing..