The Trinity by Dale Tuggy : A Critique


A Unitarian friend of mine loaned me this book as part of our ongoing debate about the nature of God. The Introduction isn't bad, but it contains the seeds of two problems that the author will have to address when discussing the alleged shortcomings of the doctrine of the Trinity. The first is the actual Biblical evidence. Anti-Trinitarians, in my experience, tend to focus on the writings of Church Fathers, creedal statements and their origins, political infighting, and so on. Indeed, the introduction beings with:



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Kala, who was an almost 13 year old Sheltie, departed from us today, all too soon and all too suddenly. She had been sick to her stomach in the night and didn't want to drink, eat, or go outside this morning. Not drinking was very unusual for her. It was almost always water, but occasionally she would imbibe. Anyway, we took her to the vet. The blood work showed inflammation and anemia. The doctor thought he could feel a mass under her rib cage which could have been bleeding internally. An X-ray confirmed a mass around her spleen. She was taken into surgery with the hope that a splenectomy would remove the mass, stop the bleeding, and she would be with us for a while longer. But it was not to be. The mass had spread to her other organs and couldn't be removed.

She was a good girl. A very good girl. 2/1/2005-11/6/2017

P.S. Check your dog's gums. If they're pale, have your pet looked at. I've had dogs for over 50 years and this is the first time I heard about this simple technique.


The truth divides...

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Dylan and I have been discussing certain aspects of Christian doctrine at The Bean Tap some mornings. I observed that truth is exclusionary. By its very nature, truth divides, since truth excludes error. The details are no longer sharp, but I think he misheard something I said, which led to me saying, "The truth divides but the dude abides." A Google search for this exact phrase doesn't find anything, so I lay claim to first published instance. Dylan was kind enough to supply the artwork.


Two different voices...

God tells you the truth, whether you want to hear it or not.
The devil tells you what you want to hear, whether it is true or not.
It's interesting, at least to me, that a Google search for "God tells you the truth, whether you want to hear it or not" appears once, but "tells you the truth, whether you want to hear it or not" appears about 162,000 times. On the other hand "tells you what you want to hear, whether it is true or not" appears only four times.

Dijkstra et. al. on software development

In "Why is software so expensive?", Dijkstra wrote:

To the economic question "Why is software so expensive?" the equally economic answer
could be "Because it is tried with cheap labour." Why is it tried that way? Because its
intrinsic difficulties are widely and grossly underestimated.
He said many more good things in that paper.

A similar comment was made on SlashDot yesterday:

The truth is that no one really knows how to do [software development] right.
That is why the methodologies switch around every few years.  — "110010001000"